About The Author

Ira Shapiro

At 78-years-old, I feel obliged to share some secrets - secrets that will motivate and inspire you. I will emphasize making money, which buys survival, security, and a better chance at happiness. I will tell you how to pivot from where you are, no matter your age or career stage. I will suggest ways to reinvent yourself, a process I have done six times, including becoming a multi-million dollar real estate investor and international book publisher.  But you must be willing to take some chances… I will spur you to take more risks.

The stories in this book from my life and many others are proof that these concepts work.

• Angel investor 

• Co-founder of Grand Theft Auto's Publisher

• Mentor to Entrepreneurs

• Serial Entrepreneur

• Start-up Expert

• Author

The Undercover Road is so much more than a self-help book. It's an unfiltered look at the life of a self-made man who learned how to win no matter what obstacles he faced. Experience is life's ultimate teacher. Discover how you too can become the best version of yourself through the guidance of an adventurous risk-taker who bushwhacked an amazing and uncommon path.


The Undercover road

Jam-packed with life-changing advice to fulfill your most exciting dreams:

• Financial Mastery- Becoming a Millionaire 
• Finding Your Passion & Main Purpose In Life
• Daring To Be Different & Live Boldly
• How To Pivot & Reinvent Yourself
• The Art of Enjoying Good Health & Fitness
• Ways to Create Flourishing Relationships & So Much More!